Relationship Conundrum

Dear Duck_n_Pulpit,

I have wondered if I am to love God with all my heart, mind, and soul while loving others as Christ loves us, then how can I love one person solely?  If I give myself fully to God, is there anything left of me to give to another?  Yet, there is a void within me which I have prayed to God for so long to fill.  I have found nothing to fill that “hole,” to silence the echoing loneliness.  God created us, male & female, in God’s own image, so that the two may become one.  Perhaps that is why I feel “incomplete”—I have not yet experienced that “one”-ness.

If I have a cup of love & give it to God, God then rains down love which makes my cup overflow, so that I must share love with others or else I will “drown” in God’s love.  But as I share this love with others, am I to single one person out over the rest to give exponentially more love?

Is remaining single or pursuing marriage God’s will for me?


What are your thoughts?  Is Andrew’s reasoning or examination flawed? Is he overlooking something?  What advice would you give Andrew?


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