Where is The Body of Christ?

Very often, I am saddened with the human element of the Body of Christ.  Personal interests find more importance than uniting the community of faith.  People view themselves as God’s called critics: “I didn’t get anything out of worship today.”  The mindset of individualism has transferred emphasis from “the community of faith” toward “personal faith.”  Our personal faith experiences should be viewed as part of the “community of faith,” an aspect of “communal” faith.  As Paul speaks of the Body of Christ, he focuses upon the “eye” viewing itself as unimportant since it is not an “ear,” nor the “hand” a “foot.”  Yet, today, the “body” seems dismembered as the “eye” seeks only what is “seen” and the “ear” what is “heard.”  There is no connection with one another through the “mind” of Christ.

In the Parable of the Weeds (Matthew 13.24-30), bad seed (weeds) is planted among good seed (wheat).  Does it seem the “weeds” have overtaken the “wheat” in the Kingdom of God?


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