Giving You an Update

My goal is to transition from a writer to an author.  I have two works in progress.  First, I am writing a commentary on the Epistle of James, titled A Guidebook on Christian Living.  Further, I am researching 17th century Europe so I can write a series of novels set during events such as the Thirty Years’ War and English Civil War.  In the aftermath of the Reformation, several regions in Europe came to be self-governing, offering freedoms of religion and conscience.  But the eventual ascension of the new Holy Roman Emperor removed the right of self-government and any freedoms of religion and conscience.  This crisis ignited the Thirty Years’ War.  The European map at the start of the century looked much different by the time the 18th century began.  Such redrawing of national boundaries did not occur again until the aftermath of World War I.  Finally, I am considering whether I should produce books on the Kingdom of God/Heaven, faith, hope, love, etc.  This allows me to publish something and learn more through personal experience.

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