Being Mindful that God is Love

Peter opens his second letter by pointing out we have within us all we need to live a godly life because of our knowledge of God—knowing God, who called us.

Through God’s glory and goodness, God called us to take part in God’s divine nature, having escaped—rejected—the corrupted world’s evil desires by placing our total trust in God.

Through our trust—that is, faith in God—we must add goodness, which leads to further understanding of God.

This awareness allows us to control ourselves through perseverance, having a mutual affection for one another, which leads to the essence of God—love.

For God is love.

We must be mindful of this to keep from being ineffective and unproductive in our recognizing who our Lord is—Jesus Christ.

If we are not, then we forget that God has cleansed and forgiven us of our past sins.

However, if we are mindful, together through mutual affection, then we will not stumble but will receive a rich welcome into the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—a Kingdom that is eternal.

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